Orange County Board Chair Enjoys Red Cross Comraderie and Community

Story by Madeline Martinson, Orange County Public Affairs Volunteer

Chris Dewhurst serves as the Board Chair of the American Red Cross Serving Orange County, part of the Desert to the Sea Region that includes Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. In his role, Chris is responsible for overseeing the Board’s activities, including four specialized Board committees: development, philanthropy, mission impact and blood services.

Chris Dewhurst
Orange County Board Chair Chris Dewhurst at the 2018 OC Heroes Luncheon

Among his many duties as Board Chair, Chris focuses on “delivering the mission of the Red Cross to board committees the communities that they impact.” In doing this, Chris and fellow board members are able to come together to live out the mission of the Red Cross: to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.

Chris was originally looking for philanthropies to get involved in and for ways to give back to his community- a place to feel connected- and found that within the Red Cross.

At the American Red Cross Serving Orange County, Chris is innately focused on raising money and gaining exposure for the organization. “In the Red Cross, especially in the Desert to Sea region, we do things that impact people’s lives, and have the fundraising power where we can see results.”

According to Chris, the Red Cross has a large-scale impact because of the people that are involved in the process. When the Red Cross makes a difference, it’s because of the collective effort of volunteers from all walks of life coming together to provide tremendous support to those in need.

Chris was drawn to the Red Cross because of the deep compassion of those serving. “People are willing to deploy and make that hands-on change; that pulls on the heart strings,” he says.

Chris knows that it’s the many dedicated individuals within the organization who step up each day to make the mission possible. Although likely too humble to admit it, Chris is among those passionate individuals who plays a critical role where, according to him, he’s able to “be a part of an organization where you get to see what you are doing and to live it.”

Says Chris, “The Red Cross allows people to be a part of an organization with boots on the ground that helps make a difference in people’s lives.”

He continues, “It’s not one person- just a whole list of people that make what we do happen. It’s really that joint effort and comradery that provides the impact and experience that the Red Cross can offer.”

For more information on how you can get involved and serve along committed humanitarians like Chris and thousands of others, visit

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