Volunteer Gerald Winkel, American Red Cross serving San Bernardino County

“Do it all” volunteer touches many lines of service

Story by Markayla Cozzoli, communications volunteer, Orange County Chapter

San Bernardino Chapter vo142524 Desert to the Sea Region Centennial Logo FINALlunteer Gerald Winkel will soon be celebrating his second year anniversary as a Red Cross volunteer. Gerald admits he has always wanted to be a volunteer, but never was able to officially make the commitment. Finally, on his birthday, he went online and became part of the team.

Gerald consistently finds himself encouraging his friends, family, and community to getting involved in the Red Cross. He emphasizes, “I love talking about how much the Red Cross offers. The mission and the principles of the Red Cross are very important to me.”


At any time he could be responding to a local house fire, lending a hand at the local VA
hospital, or attending a community vigil. Over his time as a Red Cross volunteer, Gerald has set up satellites for communication to Oakland, provided shelter for fire victims in Phelan, and also taught First Aid/CPR classes. When Gerald is not volunteering, he also enjoys scuba diving and teaching scuba diving classes, including sessions for disabled veterans. This allows him Gerald Winkelto share his passion with others and helping them discover “a new world”.


The best thing about the Red Cross for Gerald is the ability for the teams to accomplish so many different tasks in a wide range of outlets.

Gerald explains, “Besides spending time with my family, a good day for me is installing fire alarms during a Home Fire Campaign in the morning, then off to transport blood from our processing center to partner hospitals and then getting a local DAT call on my way home to help displaced clients find a place to stay for the next nights.”

Whether in the community or under the water, one thing is for certain, Gerald has become an extraordinary addition to the Red Cross team.

If you would like more information on how to become a volunteer, please go to redcross.org/volunteer.


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