Blood Donor App Reaches One Million Downloads Milestone

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We are proud to announce that more than one million smart phone users have downloaded the free Blood Donor App, resulting in approximately 988,000 blood and platelet donation appointments.

Striving to provide an expedient and excellent donor experience, the Red Cross Blood Donor App enables users to easily locate blood drives, schedule donation appointments, track their total donations, and earn rewards.
The reviews are in –

“This app is wonderful! It is efficient in providing all the information you want when it comes to donation, allows you to easily schedule and reschedule donation appointments, and is motivating! Earning a badge is always exciting, so it encourages the user to donate multiple times. It is also interesting because it shows you what is happening to your blood in the donation process. The app is not riddled with ads or games; it simply stores your donor card and donation history, and has a nice theme. I love this app!”

“This app was the start of me donating blood and saving lives. I use it to smart schedule my next appointment so I don’t have to calculate when 56 days is and it does it by distance showing me the closest donation centers at that time. When I’m feeling queasy about the needles, I go look at the facts page to read about just how many people need my help. Any questions I have about donating are always answered through this app. I encourage everyone to get this app and start saving lives!”

“Scheduling, updating and tracking are super simple. It’s awesome to see how one individual can make a difference in another person’s life, and the app shows you that. Plus, you can learn about the process and eligibility requirements. It’s great!”

Outstanding work to all those who have helped promote the app. The Red Cross released its first-of-its kind Blood Donor App in September 2014, which received a Webby Award in 2016. Download the app today and make an appointment to give!


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