Red Cross Welcomes Beautiful Baby Boy

This is a wonderful story of help and hope in North Carolina…

By Courtney Wilson, Canadian Red Cross Public Affairs

Fleeing your home due to an impending disaster would be difficult for anyone, but for Yanci Flores and her family it was particularly scary, as she was almost 40 weeks pregnant.

Yanci, her husband, and their five children were forced to flee their home in Princeville, North Carolina after Hurricane Matthew hit the coast causing devastating flooding. That was over two weeks ago, and since then the family has been staying in a Red Cross supported shelter in Pitt County.

“The Red Cross workers have all been very good,” Yanci says of the shelter staff. “Especially Nolan.” Nolan is a Red Cross nurse that has been working in the shelter and caring for Yanci. He was able to track down a medical cot for her so that she would be more comfortable in the shelter until she gave birth.

Yesterday morning, Yanci…

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