September is Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month

tymia-mcculloughTen-year-old Tymia McCullough, who lives with sickle cell disease, is determined to fight the disease and inspire others. In 2015, Tymia was crowned Miss South Carolina Jr. Pre-Teen.

During the month of September, the Red Cross reminds employees of the importance of having a diverse blood supply to help meet the needs of all hospital patients, including those with sickle cell disease.

As many as 100,000 Americans battle sickle cell, most of them African-American and Latino. It is an inherited disease that causes red blood cells to form an abnormal crescent shape.

Like many patients with sickle cell, Tymia, faces a lifetime of blood transfusions. Despite the pain and challenges she faces, this spirited girl is thankful for Red Cross blood donors and is determined to inspire others.

Read more about Tymia’s brave battle with sickle cell, her family’s instrumental role and how to make a difference at

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