Out of the ashes, good things will come: local volunteer helps Blue Cut Fire victim find hope

Jane Dean is a registered nurse and volunteer with the American Red Cross. When she was called upon to volunteer during the Blue Cut Fire, she immediately jumped into action. Jane not only worked inside the shelter, she also was part of an on-the-ground team that canvassed areas affected by the Blue Cut Fire to hand out food and clean up supplies to those in need.

This is Jane’s story:

“We came across a family whose home was completely destroyed. They had had a little garden that was described to me by the niece as a little ‘Disneyland.’ Linda, the owner of the home, had spent years perfecting her beautiful garden. There were a few items left in the garden that were completely untouched by the flames. Linda was so grateful that the memorial for her son and brother, who had died some years ago, remained intact. Linda couldn’t believe that the part of the garden right next to the memorial was completely burned.  She told us she hadn’t cried yet, and that she was going to be ‘OK.’ Linda said she would rebuild the garden and the garage first for her grand-daughter.


Red Cross volunteers present Linda with towels and blankets while out delivering meals and supplies to families recovering from the Blue Cut Fire


She said God told her, “Out of the ashes, good things will come.’ Her garden furniture and trinkets were painted in bright colors, including pinks and purple.  We had some towels that had been donated, with bright colors on them.  We gave Linda these towels, for her and her grand-daughter, in the hopes that they would give them some comfort, and remind her of her colorful garden. Linda and her family were so grateful for the help and donations the Red Cross provided. We gave them food, water, rakes, shovels, clean up kit, towels, masks, work gloves, snacks and other helpful information.”

Every day, Red Cross volunteers like Jane are on call around-the-clock to provide help and hope during disasters big and small. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Visit redcross.org/volunteer to get started today!

For more information about the American Red Cross Desert to the Sea Region, please visit redcross.org/dts


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