Nursing student helps in saving lives

SANTA ANA – Red Cross volunteers installed 183 smoke alarms and provided home fire safety education during a Home Fire Preparedness Campaign in Santa Ana on June 25.

Rachel Yeager, a nursing student from West Coast University in Anaheim, led a team of four nursing students reaching over 20 homes within the area.

Rachel served as the team’s disaster safety educator during the day-long outreach. She reviewed fire safety checklists and assisting residents in completing a home fire escape plan.

Rachel is in the process of obtaining certification to become a nurse. She is currently volunteering at the Red Cross to complete her clinical studies. Rachel enjoys going to the beach and participating in many outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and spending time at local lakes.

When asked why she chose to become a member of the Red Cross, Yeager replied, “My family and clinical teacher have all been actively involved with the Red Cross, so I feel motivated to do so as well,” said Rachel. “Volunteering at the Red Cross is a great opportunity and it enables me to learn more about the many programs offered aside from donating blood.”

Launched by the National Red Cross in October 2014, the Home Fire Campaign aims to reduce the number New Picture (5)of home fire deaths and injuries by as much as 25 percent over five years. As part of the campaign, we work in collaboration with local fire departments, community groups, and local businesses to canvass neighborhoods, teach people about fire safety, and install free smoke alarms in high-risk areas.

For victims of home fires, it is often a long road to recovery. The Red Cross works with those affected and sees them through the entire process, because when a fire takes a home, it takes everything. Please join us in giving back what fire takes and make a donation toward necessities that provide safety and comfort.

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